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Born when band members Andrew Sauber and Brian Day (together & separately in various Cincinnati bands) teamed up with drummer Patrick Rebsch and set to express their progressive-rock interests. Not always apparent they draw on influences ranging from 60's psych,70's prog & folk,80's to current hard rock & metal. With nods to likes of RUSH,YES, ELP, DREAM THEATER, BEATLES, VOIVOD, BUDGIE & others, Acrolith melds the styles that move them into a modern amalgam that seeks to be relevant today.

The Crew

Andrew Sauber - Guitar / Vocals

Andrew grew up with a music appreciation bestowed upon him by his mother. He remembers being hooked by kids songs, TV show  and movie themes, classical collections, church hymns, and popular AM radio music at an early age. In grade school, he was the member of several choirs and learned to read traditional sheet music, and play the recorder. It was watching MTV that turned him on to rock and roll. During that era, two of his brothers started playing in rock bands, and he was not about to let them do it without him, so he started playing the guitar in order to join in on the fun.

Steve Howe's solo/lead guitar at the end of "Heat of The Moment" on the first Asia album captured Andrew's imagination and was the beginning of his musical pilgrimage through learning varied guitar styles, because that's the way Steve likes to play. Along the journey, there have been many other guitarists who have inspired Andrew, including Alex Lifeson, Trevor Rabin, Eric Johnson, Ty Tabor, and Acrolith's own Brian Day. Andrew also likes to sing when his folky voice fits the occasion. He imagines that he's channeling voices like those of Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Greg Lake, and Chris Squire.

Today, Andrew enjoys immensely being a part of Acrolith and contributing his humble gifts to help make Acrolith's big sound. The band is a family and Andrew loves the contributions of the rest of the band, musically and otherwise.

Patrick Rebsch - Drums / Percussion

Patrick has been a musician for most of his life, starting when his parents gifted him a drumset for his third birthday. He is primarily a drummer, but he also learned to play the trumpet in the fourth grade when he joined his grade school's band. He continued to play the trumpet throughout grade school also through four years of high school in his high school's concert band. In high school, he also played in the marching band with his freshman and sophomore years on the trumpet, and his junior and senior years on the snare drum. Patrick's involvement in the marching band greatly influenced and improved his musicianship, and he is very grateful for the teachers, friends, experiences, inspiration, and knowledge gained during that time.

Rush was played often during Patrick's childhood by his father and uncles and was the first group of which he himself became a fan. Neil Peart was an early inspiration for Patrick's drumming style. Patrick also took inspiration from his father, as well as drummers on YouTube such as Luke Holland and Cobus Potgieter.

Patrick came to explore music other than Rush by his mid-teens and soon had a collection of miscellaneous songs from many different groups. Currently, his primary musical tastes include djent, melodic metal, and electronicore, and while not his first choice, he does enjoy many other genres including pop, country, EDM, and folk. In general, he enjoys melodic, polyrhythmic, syncopated, and uncommon-timed music. Patrick's favorite groups include BABYMETAL, Rush, Animals as Leaders, Perfume, Periphery, August Burns Red, I See Stars, Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, Polyphia, and Issues.

Wendi Day - Bass / Vocals

Wendi grew up a Cleveland suburb. Music was always a staple in her life .The radio , record player or her families classic jukebox was always being played  during family and friend gatherings or even just the Saturday house cLeaning ritual .At the inception of MTV she became a music video Junkie. She started listening to various styles of music which are  all still influential to her today: Punk, Hardcore, Goth, New Wave and every genre of Rock & Heavy Metal. She has been playing bass since the early 80's and continues through today. Clevelands nightlife allowed the epitome of a rock and roll experience ( due to always being able to attend a show that was at every bend in the road )...Through all of this she has met amazing and talented musicians (in which she will always include her husband Brian **) and other music lovers and relationships that have helped continue to increase her love of music. A large pivotal part in her musical life was Attending Cornerstone Christian Music Festivals which helped build  her foundation of  beliefs. Being in Acrolith is her first  new band project since her daughter , Molli , was born.She is excited to see where this new venture takes her. Wendi replaced original bassist Branden Meade in 2016.

Brian Day - Guitar / Vocals

Enamored by music as early as he can remember, Brian was introduced to the albums that his parents played throughout the house during his childhood. Exposure to artists ranging from CSNY, Boston, Elton John, Chicago, and the Bee Gees to 50's doo-wop, Motown, and folk (ala John Denver) laid the foundations for his love of melody and harmony. Brian credits his mother (herself a victim of Beatlemania) for his initiation into Rock & Roll. She helped him to procure his first rock albums which would grow into the staggering collection one would expect of any insatiable audiophile. He recognizes his father's influence in terms of his love of jazz and classical music. Brian's father would often times tune into radio stations at the 'far end of the dial' during car rides with his 6 younger brothers and sisters as a way to 'soothe the savage beasts'. Thirty minutes of JAZZ WITH O.T. or a rendition of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata always worked wonders to lull rambunctious children to sleep on car trips. Prompted by his love for prog-rock and the then current 80's rock and metal scene, Brian traded in the trumpet that he had reluctantly pursued for school band, for something that he felt was much more suited to electric guitar. Playing in bands since the age of 15, Brian has done the rounds in nearly every genre. Having appeared on over 40 releases, and worked and toured with bands ranging from punk to metal to hip hop to jazz and funk; Brian feels at home in his current band Acrolith. "Working with close friends in a project that can accommodate any style that we feel inspired to explore and still rock....that's Acrolith".

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Official video for 'When The Claws Come Out' from the album Acrolith - Uncharted.

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Hovindication Compilation

ACROLITH - V/A compilation appearance.Released March 10, 2015

God's Property Media's second catalog release to benefit Dr. Kent Hovind and Paul J. Hansen while they are on Trial. All proceeds go straight to feeding, clothing and facilitating these two men with whatever they need while they are in prosecution/persecution. GPM-002

ACROLITH - When The Claws Come Out

First single released March 25, 2015 from the album 'Uncharted' by ACROLITH.

ACROLITH - Uncharted

Debut full-length album from ACROLITH - 'Uncharted'. Released August, 2015.


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